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Hair Care and Massage Therapy in Dothan

Get the look you've always wanted when you visit our Dothan hair salon. Loncar's Inc. is the salon to visit for all your hair care needs, as well as relaxing massage therapy. We have an ongoing relationship with the Upledger Institute in that we stay refreshed in Craniosacral & Viseral Massage Therapies. Our qualified therapists and professional stylists of multiracial hair work harmoniously to offer you great services at affordable prices. Visit our hair salon in Dothan, Alabama, for quality hair extensions, organic conditioners, African bath herbs, and relaxing medical American massage therapy.

About Our Renowned Owner
Our owner, Theodore Long, is a noted movie hairstylist whose multimedia work has been featured in television and movies. He began his career in 1962 in New York City as a stylist for the Today Show. He then moved to Alabama in 1975 to open Loncar's Inc. and provide reputable styling to the general public. Contact us for more information about our owner and the company.

MASSAGE is an ancient healing art. The understanding of SUBTLE ENERGY, BRAIN WAVES, MUSCLE ENERGY, FASCIA AND ORGAN ENERGY of the various systems of the body make Therapeutic Massage a non static science applied, even a modern healing art form. HEALING IS THE GOAL. By some of the therapeutic approaches that I am familiar with and utilize in my practice, it is my desire that your health goal of improved balance in Body, Mind and Spirit come about as the result of the massage therapy approach we decide upon. Ted's 27 years of training and practice has caused him to regard; the health challenges, the time given to do the therapy, the treatment of the client/patient, the desired goal and resources employed. Whenever using any of the methods at his command